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Sex Offenses Criminal Defense

Sex Offenses Criminal Defense

No other area in Criminal Law creates public outrage the way sex crimes do. The mere allegation of a sexual offense is sufficient to destroy reputations, careers, families and lives. At the same time, there are very few areas of Criminal Law where we have seen such a high percentage of convictions overturned because the person was actually innocent and subsequently cleared by DNA or witness recantation.



Sex crimes cover a wide array of potential offenses ranging from Misdemeanor Public Lewdness to Super Aggravated Sexual Assault. Often times, these allegations can come about as the product of a nasty divorce, child custody issues or vindictive individuals. Included among these crimes are “Romeo and Juliet” relationships, which can lead to Statutory Rape charges.

As one might expect, the penalties are severe and most carry special obligations, which can last long after the case is completed and any sentence has been satisfied. The requirement to register oneself as a sex offender is often more devastating than any particular sentence that a person might receive. Other collateral consequences may include deportation, loss of child custody, prohibition on where you can live and work as well as the loss of professional licenses.

The following is a non-exclusive list of the types of cases that Parnham and Associates has successfully defended:

• Aggravated Sexual Assault
• Sexual Assault
• Child Pornography (possession and/or distribution)
• Solicitation
• Prostitution
• Public Lewdness
• Sexually Oriented Business violations


Parnham & Associates has medical, investigative and psychological experts as well as associated counsel that assist in putting together the case. Our goal is to keep a conviction off your record and your name off the sex offender registry. Contact Parnham & Associates today at (713) 224-3967 or click here for our convenient online submission form.

This is for general informational purpose only. This information: • DOES NOT represent a legal advice or opinion, • DOES NOT create an attorney-client relationship, • DOES NOT account for community-supervision eligibility, special punishment issues, mandatory minimum confinement, enhancements, and “Exceptional Sentences” under Chapter 12 Subchapter D of the Texas Penal Code, • DOES NOT apply Corporations & Associations. • DOES NOT represent the unique circumstances of your case.